Twig: Population 189

The setting for my novel is a fictional town in Newfoundland. I made up Twig but you couldn’t make up other place names in Newfoundland – Conception Bay, Come By Chance, Joe Batt’s Arm, Foxtrap and Goobies to mention a few:

I chose the name Twig because it represented something small, dull and dead – mirroring the initial impressions of the town formed by my protagonist, the newly arrived Rachel O’Brien. Conversely a twig can also be a young shoot; a living, growing organism, reflecting Rachel’s changing views about the town as time passes.

Or at least that’s the pretentious literary-babble explanation I put in my MA dissertation. Mostly I chose the name Twig because it popped into my head and I liked it. I hope you will too.


10 thoughts on “Twig: Population 189

  1. Hi Downith … good to hear of the progress you’ve made with your novel. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. BTW – my husband and I are travelling to Newfoundland in late June early July – our first trip to the province. Should be fun!!

  2. Damhnait- so thrilled and cannot wait to read more ! Hope to be going ‘home’ to New-Fun-land on March break.
    Take care.

  3. Hi Downith…..This sounds like a fascinating background for a story and I will look forward to following the progress of the project with interest. Newfoundland appears to be such an enchanting place. By zeroing in on Twig we will understand why…

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