Understand Newfoundland

When Rachel O’Brien arrives in Twig,she’s an outsider who’s about to learn many things about the province she’ll call home for a year. For example, how to pronounce it.


Despite the straightforward spelling, it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not New Found Land, no matter where you put the emphasis.

As Rachel discovers, it’s pronounced to rhyme with understand, but with a slight soft slurring of the middle syllable so that it sounds like fun.

Rachel mispronounced it back in the ’80s but the debate still goes on today. In fact, Mindy Kaling tweeted about it earlier this year.

It’s serious stuff. Get it right, or else…


The Day (New London, Connecticut)



6 thoughts on “Understand Newfoundland

  1. Newfoundland was late in joining Canada and when I lived there I found them to be independent thinkers, a small Island with a rich culture of song- Ron Hynes, Eddie Coffey etc. and of story telling. They made their living on the sea, the wild Atlantic, and that took courage, and that is why they have such a sense of humour.

  2. Newfoundlanders have a wonderful sense of humour.The last time I was there I took a Bugden’s Taxi from the airport and since Bugdens had been there when I lived there in the 70s I asked the driver how long Bugdens Taki had been in St Johns. “Oh since Adam was a boy” he replied.

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