Fogo, Twillingate, Morton’s Harbour

When I was a schoolgirl in Ontario, long before my family moved to Newfoundland , I learned the song, I’se The B’y in a music lesson. I expect my protagonist Rachel did too. I had no idea what places like Fogo or Twillingate were like. I learned those place names by rote; precious little thought went into them.


Later, when we moved to Newfoundland we lived in St John’s; beyond excursions to nearby Ferryland, where my uncle lived, we didn’t do much exploring and Fogo didn’t chime any louder.

But for the past few years, Fogo Island has been ding dinging loudly in my thoughts.Ever since I read an article about returned Newfoundlander, Zita Cobb, who built The Fogo Island Inn as a way to turn around the economy of her birthplace. You know it’s very much in vogue when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spends Easter weekend there with his family.

If I ever make it back to Newfoundland, Fogo Island will be on my itinerary.Watch this clip featuring Zita Cobb and tell me you don’t want to go check it out too.




7 thoughts on “Fogo, Twillingate, Morton’s Harbour

  1. Wow! It sounds like another world. I hope folks put it on their bucket lists.When I read the blog about Fogo Island I thought of the Newfoundland song ‘Salt Water Joys” Google it!. Annie

  2. Our new Prime Minister visited Fogo Island with family on the Easter Weekend.The Fogo Inn has been written up in all kinds of magazines. It sounds like a magical place. And Kudos to Zita Cobb who has certainly remembered her roots!

    • PM Trudeau is much in the news here, most recently for his yoga pose on a table. Trudeau mania – the next generation.

      And yes Zita Cobb is truly inspirational.

    • I think we all learned that song and had no idea what we were saying. Saskatchewan? Sir, yes sir!
      (Actually it’s about a career in law. You are forewarned)

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