Destination: Anywhere

Rachel accepts the first teaching post she’s offered – in Twig – after being dumped by her boyfriend. She doesn’t know much about Newfoundland and of course, back in the 1980s handy research tools like Google Earth, Trip Advisor or Wikipedia didn’t exist. Rachel is from the big city of Toronto; she’s about to experience culture shock:

“Where’s the main part of Twig?” I asked.

“You’re looking at it.”

I’d seen the school and the church. Now we passed a gas station called Sully’s and then Bernie’s Snack Bar. A few teenagers were gathered outside Bernie’s, smoking. A tall dark-haired boy pointed at my car and they all turned to stare. A girl in a lumber jacket raised her hand. I waved back before I realised she was giving me the finger.


Have you ever felt out of place somewhere?



5 thoughts on “Destination: Anywhere

  1. When we moved to Hong Kong, I felt out of place for at least the first year. Definitely an experience – made me realize what it’s like to be a minority. Don’t recall anyone giving me the finger though!!

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