Pockets of Happiness


It takes awhile, but eventually Rachel starts to find pockets of happiness in Twig: music, craft, friendship. Sometimes we don’t realise what’s available right under our nose.Like Rachel, I recently found a new cause for happiness, a pocket of writers, in my own little town.

A few months ago I stumbled across the Loose Muse in Winchester, run by the wonderful Sue Wrinch. It features readings by poets or novelists, followed by an open mic session. I’ve attended two sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them both. When Sue learned I was from Ringwood, she told me about Rough Diamonds, a new literary event in my little town.

I took myself along to the May session of Rough Diamonds and was thrilled to meet and listen to fellow writers. I’m on the mailing list now, so there’ll be no stopping me. I might even read at the open mic session. I’m sure Rachel would want me to introduce her to the U.K, right?

Any rough diamonds or pockets of happiness hiding right under your nose?


5 thoughts on “Pockets of Happiness

    • We had our first BBQ and dining al fresco of the season. That was three days ago. It’s been grey and cold with lots of rain ever since. I think we’ve ticked the summer box and moved straight into autumn.

  1. Pockets of Happiness- I haven’t heard that one before but I see now how versatile the notion is. I remember A POCKET FULL OF SUNSHINE And A POCKET FULL OF DREAMS but POCKETS OF HAPPINESS seems nore attainable, more down to earth, realistic. My life thankfully has been full of POCKETS OF HAPPINESS;the birth of my children and grandchildren, their successes, the wonderful times we have together, trips to the UK, holidays,every day is full of Pockets of Happiness and blessings. I’m grateful. Annie

  2. I’m so pleased you’ve found two groups of writers to ‘hang out with’. They will be your inspiration, your cheering section, your empathizers! Wish you lived here in Toronto!!

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