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My name is Damhnait Monaghan and yes, I’ve spelled that correctly, although these days I tend to go by Downith. I’m Canadian, raised in Ontario and Newfoundland, but I followed an Englishman back home fifteen years ago. (We did date for awhile first.)  I started this blog to promote the first novel I wrote. Here’s the pitch:

Reeling from a sudden break up, new teacher Rachel O’Brien accepts the first job she’s offered in the isolated fishing village of Twig, Newfoundland. It’s 1985, but Twig is stuck in the 1950s. Rachel’s plan is simple: keep her head down, get a year’s experience and get the heck out. But it was never going to be easy for a half Jewish, lapsed Catholic to survive at St Jude’s and Rachel’s impulsive nature doesn’t help. Gradually, she is drawn into the island’s traditional music, culture and the lives of her students. As the school year draws to a close, her decision to leave is no longer simple.

But am I one trick pony? Nay. (See what I did there?) I’m writing my second novel and I write short fiction which is often long-listed  and even published. So I’ve moved to a new blog.  Come and find me here.


Header photo credit: Tammi McBrien





8 thoughts on “About Me

    • Twig is entirely fictional. However, if the book is published I am most definitely bringing it to Newfoundland and I will expect you to come along for the craic!

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