Three of a Kind 

What do these three books have in common ? Each features Newfoundland and/or Newfoundlanders. August Gale is a memoir/biography about Barbara Walsh’s Newfoundlanders ancestors, including  those who perished at sea in a terrible storm. The storyline shifts between that 1935 August gale and Walsh’s grandfather who abandoned his family when Walsh’s father was a child. It was given to me by a friend who has read several drafts of Up She Rises and gets my fondness for all things Newfoundland.

I passed August Gale on to my mother on a visit to Canada last week. In exchange, she gave me One Man Grand Band by Harvey Sawler about the recently deceased Newfoundland songwriter and musician Ron Hynes. I’m looking forward to reading it. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I think I got the better deal.) In next week’s post, I’ll write more about Ron Hynes.

Today I Learned It Was You is a newly released novel by Newfoundland writer Edward Riche. Bobbi French recommended it to me and Rick Mercer has endorsed it, so I know it will be fabulous. It’s not available in the UK, so I scooped a copy last week. No doubt I’ll be taking it back to Canada next time I go. I come from a family of readers and we like to share books. Sometimes my suitcase is so full of books I feel like a flying librarian, which would actually be a pretty amazing job.

Do you know any good books about Newfoundland ? Do you share your books?